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Written by Michel Gueye Oct. 17th 2017
1- When you have a precise market you know more about they specific needs and concerns. You will do lot more for them.
2- When you aim at the same target you hit it more often. When you chase 2 or more rabbits you more likely catch none. 
3- In all areas and fields experts make way more money then generalists.

Written by Michel Gueye on Oct. 12th 2017
1- Your landing page is way to crowed and don't converte visitors into buying customers.
2- Visitors end up looking around then going to your competition website.
3- Once they leave your website you don't have the tools to track and follow up with them to bring them back to you.

Written by Michel Gueye on Oct. 6th 2017
1- You stay focus on what you're the best at
2- We are good at what we do and put you at the top of your niche.
3- We use the latest and more powerful marketing tools to guarantee your success.  
 We take care of the sales aspect of your business